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Housing Policy Library

The Housing Policy Library contains information on dozens of local housing policies that may be of interest to cities, towns, and counties.

Each write-up provides an introduction to key policy components and considerations and links to materials providing more information. These policies are organized into a series of categories and sub-categories that correspond to key roles that are executed by local housing policy. Click on the policy name to access the policy description. The categories and sub-categories together comprise our housing policy framework.

I. Create and preserve dedicated affordable housing units

Establishing incentives or requirements for affordable housing

Generating revenue for affordable housing

Supporting affordable housing through subsidies

Preserving existing affordable housing

Expanding the availability of affordable housing in resource-rich areas

Creating durable affordable homeownership opportunities

Facilitating the acquisition or identification of land for affordable housing

Complementary policies

In addition to housing policy tools, we recommend that cities, towns, and counties consider ways to link housing policies with complementary policies in the areas of health, education, transportation, and the environment to address important societal concerns. For more information, visit the Bridge section of the website.

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