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Downpayment and closing cost assistance overview

Downpayment and closing cost assistance helps low- and moderate-income families overcome one of the most common barriers to homeownership—accumulating sufficient savings to make a downpayment and pay for closing costs on a mortgage.

Assistance can be offered in a variety of forms, including as a grant, a no- or low-interest amortizing loan or a deferred loan in which repayment is not due until the resale of the home. The assistance is often provided by a local housing agency, a nonprofit organization or a state or local housing finance agency, sometimes through a participating private lender. Program details differ across jurisdictions, but in general borrowers must fall within income and home purchase price limits and must comply with other eligibility requirements, including being a first-time homebuyer, using the home as a primary residence, and completing a homebuyer education and/or participating in housing counseling.

Additional Resources

Administering agencies

Local department of housing and community development, state or local housing finance agency.

Policy objectives

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