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Expedited permitting for qualifying projects overview

All proposed developments, whether new construction or renovation or rehab of existing buildings, must go through a local review process to ensure compliance with land use laws and other regulations. The process of securing the necessary permits and approvals can be lengthy and may contribute to project delays that raise costs and reduce profit margins in what are often already tight budgets.

Some cities, towns and counties accelerate the permitting process for developers of projects where some or all of the units are reserved for lower-income households, both to reduce overall project development costs and to encourage the delivery of affordable homes. On its own, the promise of expedited permitting is unlikely to encourage market-rate developers to include affordable units. As part of a package of incentives, however, it can be a valuable benefit, particularly in areas where the permitting process is lengthy.

Cities, towns and counties can also take steps to expedite the permitting process for ALL housing units, reducing barriers to development and helping to increase the overall supply of units in the market. Click here to access a description of this broader policy option.

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