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Fair housing education for real estate professionals and consumers overview

Fair housing education has two primary functions. First, fair housing education aims to ensure that renters and prospective homebuyers are aware of their rights under the law; community members who are unfamiliar with the protections afforded by fair housing laws are unlikely to file a complaint when their rights have been violated.

Second, fair housing education helps landlords and other real estate professionals to understand their obligations so they can stay in compliance with fair housing laws. Fair housing educational materials can include pamphlets, guidebooks, and posters, with materials available either online or in print. Some cities, towns, and counties conduct social media outreach campaigns or do in person outreach during fair housing month (April) and throughout the year. Municipalities can also host workshops, trainings, or seminars for specific audiences, including landlords, home-sellers, Housing Choice Voucher holders, and first-time homebuyers.

Additional Resources

Administering agencies

State and local housing departments and human rights commissions, often in partnership with local non-profits and legal aid organizations

Policy objectives

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