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Landlord recruitment and retention overview

Local jurisdictions can help to increase the number of properties where housing choice voucherOfficially known as "Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher". It is the largest and most sought after housing program in America. Section 8 HCVs are managed by various public housing agencies (most commonly referred to as housing authorities), which falls under the supervision of HUD. Program participants typically pay 30% of the rent, and the rest is covered by the HCV. holders can live by engaging in proactive outreach to landlords and offering meaningful incentives to those who participate in the program.

Landlords may refuse to accept vouchers for a variety of reasons, including a lack of familiarity with the program, concerns about their obligations under the program, and beliefs that voucher-holders may be challenging tenants. Landlord outreach can help to address these and other concerns, as well as dispel myths and misconceptions about the program and its participants. Some cities, towns and counties go beyond relationship-building and offer incentives to landlords to accept vouchers, including cash payments for each unit rented to a voucher holder.

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