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Preservation inventories overview

Preservation inventories are lists of specific affordable multifamily rental properties in a jurisdiction that can be used to identify and prevent the loss of “at-risk” properties.

Preservation inventories typically focus on dedicated affordable properties whose rents are restricted due to a subsidy or other government policy, although affordable unsubsidized units may be covered as well, and include information on each property’s location, age, number of units (affordable and market rate), physical condition, and the year when rent restrictions expire, among other data points. Through proactive monitoring of this information, local jurisdictions can act in a timely manner to try to preserve at-risk properties as part of the affordable stock—allowing time to assemble financing or an incentive package to facilitate the transfer of the property to a mission-oriented owner or encourage the current owner to maintain affordability.

This section provides more information on major considerations when creating a preservation inventory.

Additional Resources

Administering agencies

Local department of housing and community development, often in partnership with the public housing agency.

Policy objectives

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