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Regional collaboration to support the development of affordable housing in resource-rich areas overview

Individual jurisdictions generally develop their own systems and guidelines to carry out housing assistance programs and activities at the local level.

However, municipalities that are seeking to improve access to affordable housing in resource-rich areas may want to consider looking beyond their own boundaries and creating regional programs in cooperation with neighboring jurisdictions that include resource rich neighborhoods. Similarly, jurisdictions with resource rich neighborhoods may want to partner with neighboring jurisdictions on a regional program to facilitate the creation and preservation of affordable housing in resource rich areas.

Efforts to pool resources and otherwise share responsibility for program administration on a regional basis will likely encounter some friction as cities, towns and counties identify differences in eligibility criteria or other program requirements that will need to be reconciled in order for the program to operate smoothly and efficiently. However, by working together on a regional basis, communities can expand the housing and location options available to their residents and ensure subsidies are available where they are most needed and provide the greatest benefits. There are a variety of ways that communities can work together to support the development of affordable housing near transit stations, job centers, and in other resource-rich areas, including by pooling housing subsidy resources and conducting joint planning sessions along regional transit corridors.

Additional Resources

Administering agencies

Varies, but may include the local department of housing and community development, local public housing agency, and/or the zoning commission or local planning department.

Policy objectives

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