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State- or local-funded tenant-based rental assistance overview

Some states and localities allocate funds to supplement tenant-based rental assistance provided through the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) and/or HOME programs. Because these supplemental programs are created and funded at the state or local level, they can be tailored to meet specific local needs and priorities.

For example, program administrators may set their own standards and requirements for program participation that differ from the HCV and HOME programs, such as limiting eligibility to families that have stayed in a shelter for a certain number of days or requiring program participants to attend financial counseling or job training courses. Frequently, but not always, state and local programs are designed to provide short-term emergency assistance to households at risk of homelessness. Programs may also require that eligible housing units meet certain quality standards, as in the Housing Choice Voucher program. Some states and local jurisdictions also provide security and/or utility deposit assistance as part of the program.

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