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Targeted efforts to expand the supply of rental housing and lower-cost housing types in resource-rich areas overview

Housing costs are generally higher in low-poverty, resource-rich neighborhoods, reflecting, among other things, the higher level of services and amenities in these areas.

In some cases, already high housing costs are exacerbated by land use policies that make it difficult to develop certain housing types that tend to be less costly, such as multifamily rental housing. To diversify the housing stock in high-cost areas and increase housing options for low- and moderate-income households, cities, towns, and counties can take steps to facilitate the development of multifamily rental housing and other housing types that tend to have lower housing costs than single-family housing developed on large lots. For example, revisions to the zoning code can allow construction of lower-cost housing types on an “as-of-right” basis, without additional approvals that introduce uncertainty and add to project costs. Cities, towns, and counties can also offer guidance and financial incentives to encourage the development of lower-cost housing types in resource-rich areas.

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