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Use of publicly owned property for affordable housing overview

By making publicly-owned landLand owned by the government including school buildings, public hospitals, and parking lots, among others. and buildings available for the development of affordable housing, cities, towns and counties can help to ensure that there is an adequate supply of lower-cost homes in areas with high land costs and limited development opportunities.

Even in strong markets with little or no undeveloped land capable of supporting residential development, the local government may own properties that include buildings that are vacant, underutilized, or no longer useful for their original purpose. These properties (or development rights on these properties) could be made available at no (or a reduced) cost to developers that commit to specific affordability requirements or redeveloped in a way that combines a governmental use (e.g., a school or a community center) with affordable housing.

Additional Resources

Administering agencies

Local department of planning and development or administrative services, in partnership with department of housing and community development

Policy objectives

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