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Resource-rich neighborhoods – affordable housing in

LocalHousingSolutions.org provides guidance on a number of policies and approaches that can be used to expand the housing choices of low- and moderate-income households in neighborhoods that offer access to quality schools, safe streets, and other building blocks of economic opportunity.

Neighborhood variations

Brief: Expanding the availability of affordable housing in resource-rich areas

A growing body of research documents the positive outcomes associated with living in resource-rich neighborhoods, particularly for young children. This brief describes how policies in the Housing Policy Library can be used to expand the availability of affordable housing in these areas. Read the brief.

Brief: Balancing increases in affordable housing in resource-rich areas with investments in low-income neighborhoods

This brief outlines an approach for cities, towns and counties to use in determining how to balance these goals by focusing on developing plans appropriate to each neighborhood. Read the brief.

Brief: Balancing trade-offs between the quantity, quality, and location of affordable housing

The decision of whether to accept a smaller number of affordable housing units in exchange for better-located and/or higher-quality units is often controversial and difficult to weigh. This brief provides guidance for cities, towns, and counties facing these trade-offs. Read the brief.

Selected Local Housing Policies

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