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Growth in median rent by census tract, New York City

Change in median gross rent by census tract in 2012-2016, New York City

Source: Longitudinal Tract DataBase (LTDB), and American Community Survey (accessed via American Fact Finder)

Interpretation of NYC example

Upward pressures on rents could be felt citywide during the period 2000 to 2006 in many of the neighborhoods with relatively low rents (see previous figure) nevertheless being subject to rent increases at a pace greater than that for the city as a whole.

How to construct

This data is downloaded from Longitudinal Tract Database (LTDB) and American Fact Finder. Specifically, data is obtained from the LTDB downloads page for sample variables for 2000 (these are already adjusted to 2010 boundaries) which includes Median Gross Rent (MRENT00), and from American Fact Finder for TABLE B25064 MEDIAN GROSS RENT (DOLLARS) for the five-year ACS estimates for 2012-2016. Join the two data sources by census tract and categorize tracts by how their change in rent between the two periods compares to the median change in gross rent. These data can be exported and mapped using ESRI ArcGIS.

Figure notes

The data are displayed as a graduated colors map. Census tract data are only available in five-year estimates (2012-2016 in this case). The estimates should be interpreted as an average rate over that time period.


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