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Renter share of households

The key data points for this visualization are the share of households that are renters at the local level compared to the national level.

To see whether and how the share has changed over time, the visualization compares the most recent shares to those at one or more previous points in time.

The following example shows how to create the visualization using New York City data.

Renter share of households in New York City and U.S.

Source: American Community Survey (accessed via American Fact Finder)

Interpretation of New York City example

Renters comprised over two-thirds of New York City households in 2016 (nearly twice the national rate) and the renter share grew 2.4 percent between 2006 and 2016. In contrast to the U.S. as a whole, New York City is majority renter.

How to construct

This data is downloaded from American Fact Finder. Specifically, data is obtained for both New York City and the U.S. from TABLE B25009 TENURE BY HOUSEHOLD SIZE for the one-year ACS estimates for 2006 through 2016. This table provides the number of occupied households by renter/owner status (tenure) broken out by household size. When calculating the share of households that are renter-occupied, only consider occupied households (as opposed to all housing units which includes vacancies).

To calculate the share of households that are renter-occupied, divide the number of renter households by the number of all households.

Figure note

Data are shown for two geographies in this example: New York City and the U.S. for comparison. The data is displayed as a bar chart to show the relative shares of households that are renters in both New York City and the U.S. overall.

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