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Equitable resources for residents of low-income neighborhoods and communities of color

Many low-income neighborhoods and communities of color offer fewer of the resources associated with economic opportunity than higher-income and integrated neighborhoods.  While solutions to this challenge will require a range of interventions that go beyond the housing policies included in our Housing Policy Library, LocalHousingSolutions.org includes a number of related resources that may be helpful to people interested in achieving this objective.

Brief: Addressing neighborhood disparities

This brief provides background on how we got here, and what communities can do to help address segregation. Read the brief.

Brief: Strengthening the resources and opportunities in high-poverty neighborhoods

Compelling evidence indicates that growing up in high-poverty neighborhoods has negative effects on children’s life chances. This brief describes several approaches that local jurisdictions can use to improve residents’ quality of life, stabilize population losses and diversify income levels, and increase access to opportunity. Read the brief.

Brief: Balancing increases in affordable housing in resource-rich areas with investments in low-income neighborhoods

This brief outlines an approach for cities, towns, and counties to use in determining how to balance these goals by focusing on developing plans appropriate to each neighborhood. Read the brief.

Selected local housing policies

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