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Health and housing

Policy tools and guidance on LocalHousingSolutions.org can help local communities create a living environment that supports positive health outcomes. Among other approaches, cities, towns, and counties can promote health by developing stable and affordable homes that are well-built, well-maintained and located in safe and resource-richA term to define neighborhoods that offer abundant amenities, such as access to quality schools and public libraries, streets and parks that are free from violence and provide a safe place to play, and fresh and healthy food. While we refer to these areas as “resource-rich,” some cities, towns, and counties use the term “opportunity areas” instead. We have chosen to use the term “resource-rich areas” to avoid a suggestion that residents of low-income neighborhoods can access opportunity only by moving to higher-income areas. neighborhoods.

Brief: Housing and health

This brief reviews how local investments in quality affordable housing and good neighborhood conditions can yield significant health benefits and reduce healthcare costs. Read the brief.

Brief: Improving the health of children and adults

Health outcomes can be strongly affected by conditions at home and in the surrounding neighborhood. This brief introduces policies that support the development and maintenance of high-quality, affordable housing that is free from hazards that increase the risk of injury or disease. The brief also discusses opportunities to locate housing in resource-rich areas that provide safe, walkable, and pollution-free spaces that improve both physical and mental health. Read the brief

Selected local housing policies

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