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FAQ: Frequently asked questions

How is this website organized?

LocalHousingSolutions.org is organized into eight main sections, which appear in a menu on the land-hand site of the interior pages. Each of these sections corresponds to a different step in the process of developing and implementing a local housing strategy. While the order of the sections (from top to bottom) roughly approximates the sequence of steps in developing a local housing strategy, these sections can be viewed in any order. Visit the Browse page for more details on what’s covered in each of the sections.

You can also select an issue to access a curated list of resources on the site that relate to that issue or select a policy you want to learn more about. Finally, the Explore section of the website organizes the site’s content alphabetically.

To learn more about the history, design, and functionality of the site, watch a webinar presented by two of LocalHousingSolutions.org’s creators.

What is the Housing Policy Framework?

The Housing Policy Framework is our way of organizing the dozens of local housing policies that communities can use to address affordability challenges. The Framework is intended to simplify the process of identifying appropriate policies based on your jurisdiction’s needs and priorities. The Framework also serves as a “road map” that local jurisdictions can use to develop a comprehensive housing strategy.

Within the Framework, policies are organized into four main categories that together help to increase housing affordability and improve housing quality and residential stability:

  • Create and preserve dedicated affordable housing units
  • Aligning housing supply with market and neighborhood housing conditions
  • Help households access and afford private-market homes
  • Protect against displacement and poor housing conditions

Policies in each of these categories are further divided into functional sub-categories that represent different ways to achieve these goals.

Read a brief that provides more details about the Framework, including how it can be used by cities, towns, and counties, or visit the Housing Policy Library to see the full list of policies organized by category and functional sub-category.

Where can I find information about a specific housing policy?

There are three ways to find information about a specific housing policy on LocalHousingSolutions.org:

  1. Visit the Housing Policy Library and find the policy within the Housing Policy Framework
  2. Find the policy within the alphabetized list of policies covered on the site
  3. Use the search bar at the top of the site to search for the policy

Who created LocalHousingSolutions.org?

LocalHousingSolutions.org is a collaborative project of the NYU Furman Center and Abt Associates. The site was developed with input from a core working group of leading housing experts and practitioners, who met over a period of 18 months to inform the structure and content of the materials. A national advisory council provided additional input and feedback, helping to ensure the guidance reflects a broad range of views and experiences. The site was developed with the generous support of the Ford Foundation and the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. The Kresge Foundation and the JP Morgan Chase Foundation provide continued funding for LocalHousingSolutions.org. The Local Housing Solutions Institute received support from the Arthur M. Blank Foundation.

Visit the About page to learn more about LocalHousingSolutions.org.

Who can I contact with a question or correction about content on the website?

Please send any questions, comments, or corrections to contact@localhousingsolutions.org.

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