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Older adults – housing and services for

LocalHousingSolutions.org includes a number of policies that can help to support older adults seeking to age in place in their homes and communities.

Rental stock for seniors

What are the specific housing needs of different household types (e.g. households with seniors, households with children, and single-person households)? View the presentation.

Brief: Meeting the housing and services needs of older adults and people with disabilities

Many older people and people with disabilities struggle to afford the costs of housing. Many also live in homes that lack the physical modifications and access to services needed to comfortably and safely age in place. This brief describes how policies in the Housing Policy Library can help older adults and people with disabilities meet their housing needs, including through rental assistance and the creation of supportive housing for renters, and home maintenance and retrofit programs and property tax “circuit breakers” for homeowners. Read the brief

Selected local housing policies

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Older adults – housing and services for (woman holding elderly individual's hand)

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