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Housing supply

LocalHousingSolutions.org includes a range of resources that can help cities, towns, and counties assess the need for more housing supply and identify policies to increase that supply.

Analyze the adequacy of the rate of housing production

Shortfalls in the supply of housing puts upward pressure on the costs of housing at all price levels.  This guidance helps you assess how well the supply of housing is keeping up with overall demand. Learn more about how housing production has kept up with increases in the demand for housing. View the presentation.

Brief: Gauging development feasibility

This brief explains how a real estate pro forma can help you anticipate how the private development sector might respond to any given set of housing policies. Read the brief.

Brief: Taking a balanced approach to new development

This brief explains the importance of creating and preserving dedicated affordable homes as well as allowing for new housing for all income levels. Read the brief.

Selected local housing policies

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Housing supply (home under construction, wooden frame)

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