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Preservation of market affordable housing

Many of the housing policy tools discussed on LocalHousingSolutions.org can help to support the preservation of market affordable rental housing. “Market affordable housing” is unsubsidized housing that rents at affordable levels.

Brief: Preserving the existing stock of market affordable rental housing

Most lower-income households live in homes that are affordable by virtue of their age, condition, location, or other characteristics. These “market affordable” homes do not receive a government subsidy that lowers rents and are not otherwise subject to a regulatory agreement that controls both rents and tenant incomes. Preserving as much as possible of the market affordable stock can be an important objective of any local housing strategy. Read the brief.

Brief: Balancing the preservation of existing affordable housing with new construction

This brief identifies a series of questions that communities can use to determine whether to prioritize a particular property for preservation. Read the brief.

Selected local housing policies

Tax abatements and exemptions 
Demolition taxes or condominium conversion fees
Acquisition and operation of moderate-cost rental units
Rights of first refusal
Rent regulation 
Protecting renters from condo conversions

Expanded access to capital for owners of unsubsidized affordable rental properties

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