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Housing needs assessment tool

Use data to explore local housing needs and challenges

This tool illustrates ways to use generally available data to assess your local housing needs.

This tool shows how to use data to better understand and document your local housing needs.  For each of the housing needs being explored, it identifies key data points that are relatively easy to gather from generally available data sources.

It also provides an example of how to display the data using a figure/chart/map/etc. and how to organize these “visualizations” into a narrative to address key aspects of your local housing needs.  Instructions for how to create each of these visualizations using data on your local situation can be accessed directly by clicking on the visualizations themselves or in Visualizations.

Analyze these areas of potential housing need

Related resources

Massachusetts Housing Partnership’s Housing Toolbox
This resource from the Center for Housing Data at the Massachussetts Housing Partnership contains Massachusetts-specific information about housing policy as well as more general state-level ideas and tools.

Center for Community Progress’ Neighborhoods by Numbers: An Introduction to Finding and Using Small Area Data
This easy-to-use, color coded book walks you through how to find, understand, and use key local and national datasets.

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