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Affordable homeownership

LocalHousingSolutions.org includes a number of policies that reduce barriers to homeownership, help homeowners remain stably housed, and create homes that remain affordable over the long-term.

Homeownership affordability

How significant is the affordability problem for homeowners in my locality and is it getting better or worse? View the presentation.

Brief: Increasing access to sustainable homeownership

Many local jurisdictions want to provide assistance that helps low- and moderate-income households become homeowners, and enables existing owners to stay in their own homes. This brief describes several approaches that cities, towns, and counties can use to increase access to homeownership and enable families to sustain homeownership over time. Read the brief.

Brief: Balancing the goals of promoting homeownership and increasing the availability of affordable rental housing

This brief presents several factors that may be helpful for local governments to consider as they decide how to allocate available resources between renter and homeownership assistance programs. Read the brief.

Selected local housing policies

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Affordable homeownership (townhomes)

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