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Affordable rental housing

LocalHousingSolutions.org includes guidance on how to promote rental housing affordability through a variety of mechanisms, including creating and preserving new and existing dedicated affordable units, increasing the overall housing supply, and helping low-income households find lower-cost units in the private market.

Rental affordability

Brief: Increasing the affordability of rental housing

There are many approaches that cities, towns, and counties can use to increase the availability of affordable rental housing. In fact, the majority of policy tools in the Housing Policy Library work to advance this very goal. This brief describes how policies in each of the four main categories in the Housing Policy Library can be used to address rental affordability challenges. Read the brief

Balancing the goals of promoting homeownership and increasing the availability of affordable rental housing

This brief presents several factors that may be helpful for local governments to consider as they decide how to allocate available resources between renter and homeownership assistance programs.

Selected local housing policies

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