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Federally subsidized housing units by expiration date, New York City

Number of federally subsidized housing units by expiration date, New York City

Source: National Housing Preservation Database

Interpretation of NYC example

By 2020, nearly 7,000 units of federally subsidized affordable housing are at risk of expiring out of affordability restrictions. About 47,000 units will expiring out of affordability restrictions between 2020 and 2030. After 2030, nearly 172,000 federally subsidized units will be eligible to expire out of affordability restrictions.

How to construct

This data is downloaded from National Housing Preservation Database. The data are available at the property level and can be queried and downloaded by geography. This figure sums up all of the subsidized units by their latest expiration late (provided by the National Housing Preservation Database). Public housingA federal program dedicated to providing decent and safe rental housing for low-income families, older adults, and persons with disabilities. There are around 1.2 million houesholds residing in public housing units, managed by over 3,000 housing authorities. Programs differ in types and sizes. units are not included because they are permanently affordable and do not have an expiration date. The National Housing Preservation Database only includes federal programs.

Figure notes

The data are displayed in a column chart.

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