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Number of small units and households in 2016, New York City

Share of residential units by size in 2016, New York City

Source: American Community Survey (accessed via American Fact Finder)

Interpretation of NYC example

In 2016, there were 1.33 million studio or one bedroom housing units (38 percent of all housing units) in New York City. There were nearly 1.9 million one- or two-person households (61 percent of all households) citywide in 2016.

How to construct

This data is downloaded from American Fact Finder. Specifically, data is obtained  for New York City from TABLE B11016 HOUSEHOLD TYPE BY HOUSEHOLD SIZE and TABLE DP04 SELECTED HOUSING CHARACTERISTICS for the one-year ACS estimates for 2016. The share of households is calculated by dividing the total population of households with targeted numbers of individuals over the total number of households. The share of housing units (not in figure but mentioned in text) is calculated by dividing the number of studios and one bedroom units by the total number of household units. The share of households that are one- or two-person households is calculated by dividing the total of one- and two-person households by all households.

Figure notes

The data are displayed as a column chart.


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