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Population by race and ethnicity, New York City

Population by raceA social and political construction—with no inherent genetic or biological basis—used by social institutions to arbitrarily categorize and divide groups of individuals based on physical appearance (particularly skin color), ancestry, cultural history, and ethnic classification. (Source.) and ethnicity by census tract in 2012-2016, New York City

Source: American Community Survey (accessed via American Fact Finder)

Interpretation of NYC example

Race and ethnicity was concentrated by neighborhood across the city. The map below shows clusters of the population identifying as Asian in Flushing, Queens, lower Manhattan, and southern Brooklyn. The Black population was clustered in southern Brooklyn, Queens, and northern Manhattan. The white population was clustered in Staten Island and areas near Manhattan.

How to construct

This data is downloaded from American Fact Finder. Specifically,  data is obtained for New York City from TABLE B03002 HISPANICThe word Hispanic refers to people of Spanish-speaking descent. This encompasses countries from Latin America and Spain but excludes Brazil because their national language is Portuguese. Due to the use of "Hispanic or Latino" in the Census, this term will be used when using or referencing Census data. OR LATINO ORIGIN BY RACE for the five-year ACS estimates for 2012-2016. Census tracts are the unit of analysis (and are only available for five-year estimates). The map shows the total number of Asian, non-Hispanic people per census tract; the number of Black, non-Hispanic people per census tract; the number of Hispanic people (any race) per census tract; and the number of non-Hispanic, white people per census tract. The census tract data are then mapped in ESRI ArcGIS.

Figure notes

The data are displayed as a dot density map. Census tract data are only available in five-year estimates (2012-2016 in this case). The estimates should be interpreted as an average rate over that time period.


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